Review: ‘Their joy and enthusiasm is obvious to all’ – HANK @ NAC

Looking back far to when we’d just started…

HANK were the next ones due onstage and they were phenomenal, sounding huge and powerful at the NAC to an adoring audience which grows ever bigger and louder each time

Their joy and enthusiasm is obvious to all

Thanks to Richard Shashamane for this lovely review, it was a great night:

HANK in the Spotlight: Unsigned Guide

Hank were spotlight in May 2018 – it’s fun to look back and think how we’ve developed since then.

‘It isn’t rare for a band to wear its contemporaries on its sleeve in their early works, but the sheer scope of influences that HANK hints at here creates a sound that can already stand on its own’

‘It is unsurprising that the band have been picking up some early praise for the EP from the likes of Outline Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and Math-Rock stalwart John Simm of Cleft’

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Review: HANK Live in a Cold War Bunker

‘HANK are self-confessed math-rockers and, at firs5 impression, this is a fine example of that genre. There is far more to this than that implies as it takes in King Crimson/Van de Graaff Generator prog, Fugazi post-hardcore, Machine Head shredding and tasteful soloing that brings Santana to mind, sometimes all in the same song. In lesser hands, this could end up as a song-free mess, more intent on showing off the musical chops than any soul or feeling. That is not the case here as HANK write bloody good tunes and the undoubted musical ability is always channelled to serving those songs’

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Spit It – the first song they wrote together – comes on like Mars Volta playing with vintage Primus, if Les Claypool had ever written a catchy song. Denied has a tasty touch of classic Seattle grunge in the quiet/loud dynamic. You’re The Hammer I’m The Slab was the standout when I saw ‘em at Epic and is similarly impressive here. Closer South America may be the most straightforward track here, albeit that there is an almost surreal spoken word interlude and straightforward is comparative when talking about HANK.

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